Miyajima Kayak


Our Mission: Get more people to enjoy the waterside

Operation Policy

1.Connect People with the Water

・Conduct tours

・Hold trial experiences for beginners

2.Study Ways to Enjoy the Waterside

・Continuously improve our guides’ skills

・Collect information on gears and techniques

3.Share Safe Ways to Enjoy the Waterside

・Operate clubs

・Interact with environmental organizations and companies in the field

・Reach out to the youth

Only Way to Miyajima is by ship!

Miyajima is a sacred island abundant of wildlife and nature, and it is an important part of the Japanese culture. Its wetland is designated as a Ramsar Site by the Government of Japan. However, due to the fact that Miyajima is located within the Seto Inland Sea, litter travels down rivers of the mainland and accumulates in the inland sea. The litter can be anything from plastic beverage bottles to large-sized waste. The state of the waterside reflects our everyday actions. As a part of the society, we believe in “doing whatever we can” to improve the condition. They may be small, but here are some of the actions we take to protect the environment:

・Conduct cleanup activities along various coasts such as Miyajima and Etajima, about 10 times a year.

・Pick up litter found during the tour.

・Personally cut down on shampoo and detergent usage.

There are not many garbage cans available on Miyajima. Please help us protect nature by taking the garbage home with you.