Miyajima Kayak

One Day Tour

Build your own tour and enjoy Miyajima to its fullest!

This tour will be completely customized to your needs. Based on your request, departure points and the tour course will be arranged. For example, we can create a course that will take you a hidden beach, visit an uninhabited island, then hiking up Mt. Misen.

If it is cold, we will make coffee by the bonfire and serve it, and if you wish, you can grill freshly caught oysters with us. In summer, we will rent you a snorkeling set so you can swim to your heart’s content.If you like fishing, you can enjoy fishing from the top of a kayak, although we cannot promise a good catch.

Or, if lovers want to spend a special and relaxing time together, you can go for a picnic on the beach, which is only accessible by kayak. Of course, I’ll be a bit away from you.

You can also visit a small shrine on the back side of the island that can only be reached by kayak or boat.For those who prefer to spend the whole day in a kayak, I can also offer a round-the-island Miyajima course (30 km) for an additional 10,000 yen/person.

We would really like you to choose this course the most, but we want to show Miyajima to many guests during the high season, so the days when we can offer this course are limited. Sorry, we do not accept this course on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from July 20 to October 15 due to the busy season.

4~5 hours ¥16,500 (including tax)

(1)Departure (meeting point near the Miyajima ferry terminal)

‥‥Transfer to the beach (5~15 min.)


‥‥Warm up & on-land briefing (10~20 min.)

‥‥On-water briefing (15~30 min.)

‥‥On-water tour (60~120 min.)

‥‥Lunch break & on-land exploration (30~60 min.)

‥‥On-water tour (60~120 min.)


‥‥Transfer to the pier (5~15 min.)

※We will take you to a bath facility (separate charge) if requested.

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