Miyajima Kayak


Access by ship

From Iwakuni Airport

Access by Car

About the Meeting Point

Only Way to Miyajima is by ship!

From Miyajima-guchi Pier (10 min.)

Miyajima Matsudai Ferry

JR West Miyajima Ferry

From Peace Memorial Park (45 min.)

World Heritage Sea Route

From Hiroshima Port (32 min.)

Hiroshima/Miyajima High-Speed Ship

Closest Airport is the Iwakuni Airport

Iwakuni Airport → JR Iwakuni Station (10 min. by taxi)

JR Iwakuni Station → JR Miyajimaguchi Station (24 min. on Sanyo Main Line)

If Driving by Car

You should search for parking spaces ahead of time, as parking spaces are crowded.

Although you can bring your car to the island by the ferry, it can be expensive.

3m~4m: ¥1,250 (one way)

4m~5m: ¥1,700 (one way)

5m~6m: ¥2,250 (one way)

※The price is the same on Matsudai Ferry and JR Ferry

Meeting Point for our tour


The meeting point will differ by the tour, but it is normally at a walkable distance from the ferry terminal. The most common meeting point is by the Miyajima side of the ferry terminal.

Miyajima Ferry Terminal

Miyajima Matsudai Ferry and Jr West Miyajima Ferry arrives/departs from this terminal. There are toilets, kiosks, and Seven Eleven ATM.