Miyajima Kayak

Notes on the Tour

What to Wear

Everyone will get wet below their knees when getting on/off the kayak. Although you will most likely not go in the water, we recommend wearing water-resistant clothes in case you do. We have a few items available to rent, so please contact us when booking.

Summer Outfit Example

Spring & Autumn Outfit Example

Synthetic Top (water-resistant recommended)

Choose quick-drying fabric and avoid cotton (it will retain water). You can rent from us for 500 yen (unisex, size S-M).

Windbreaker/waterproof jacket

Bring a windbreaker/rain jacket to protect yourself from rain and wind (except in the summer). You can rent from us for 500 yen (unisex S-M).

Synthetic Short Pants (water-resistant recommended)

Wear water-resistant shorts above knees as your feet below knees swill get wet. You may also wear synthetic leggings underneath the shorts to avoid sunburn. You can rent from us for 500 yen (unisex S-M).

Marine shoes

You may hurt your feet from shells when walking. You can rent them for 500 yen (size 24-29cm).


Not mandatory, but will be useful throughout the year. Hat with strings is recommended.


Highly recommended for the spring/summer season when the UV lights are strong.

Extra towel and change of clothes

Beverage (more than 500ml)

Tour Policies

How We Decide on Cancellation

The guide will make his/her decision based on the weather/water condition. The tour course may also change for the same reason.

◯ Going
  • cloudy weather
  • light rain shower
  • low temperature
  • hot weather
  • The weather warning has been announced/may be announced
  • The wave height is over 1.5 meters
  • There is strong wind (over 6m/s at the site)
  • There is thunder and lightning
  • There is heavy rain

Notes on the Tour

・Please follow the instructions given by the guide(s)

・The tour can be changed/canceled after the departure due to the weather/sea conditions or illness of the participating members

・No refunds available after departure

・Take care of your own valuables (phones/camera/wallet, etc.)

Cancellation Policy

▼When requested by the customer

The cancellation fee applies to the tour fee as follows:

3-7days before the tour 30%
2days before the tour 50%
1days before the tour 70%
On the day or no-show 100%

▼When decided by the guide or for external factors

There will be no cancellation fee charged for the reasons mentioned below:
・When you are unable to arrive due to flight delay/cancellation
・Cancellation of the ferry
・When decided by the guide