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We provide Kayak and Stand Up Paddle tours throughout the west region of Hiroshima, based on Miyajima Island. The peaceful ocean of Miyajima is perfect for starting your kayak experience. In ancient times, this astonishing scenery awed many travelers. Come to paddle through the same scenery with us.


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Itsukushima Island World Heritage site surrounded by vast nature


Itsukushima Island (Miyajima). Surrounded by many islands such as Enoshima, Kogurokamishima, Oonasamijima, Noumishima, these islands, and the ocean creates a contrast to form a divine scenery. The view of the "ocean in the front and the Misen primeval forests (a World Heritage Site registered along with Itsukushima Shrine) in the back" that you can see from the kayak is purely magnificent.



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Very Close from Downtown Hiroshima City

Miyajima is accessible by ferry or boats. There are several different routes. It takes about 45 minutes from JR Hiroshima station via train and ferry. There is also a direct route from Peace Memorial Park.


Just Bring Yourself!

Tours are available throughout the year, and we have gears and clothing rental ready for you. Feel free to contact us anytime.


How do I book a tour?

We conduct kayak tours for individuals, groups, as well as corporate retreat and summer camp for kids. For inquiries and booking, contact us from the button below.

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Setouchi Experience (Produced by Ikeda Souken Co., Ltd.)

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