Miyajima Kayak

Half Day Tour

Recommended for those who want to try kayaking for the first time, or those who are visiting Miyajima on a day-trip. You can choose from 2 tour courses.

World Heritage Course

In this tour, you will be able to view historical sites such as Itsukushima Shrine and “Gojunoto” (five-storied pagoda). The departure site is very close to the port (ferry terminal), so this course is recommended for those on a short vacation. During the tour, we may take a break to go on land to visit the shopping arcade and grab some desserts!

The sea level at Miyajima varies from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 380 cm depending on the season. Sometimes the guests can kayak under the Otorii Gate, sometimes not. The guests can only approach the Otorii  when the tide is higher than 260 cm during the tour.

If you wish to kayak through the Otorii, please refer to the following website and select a tour on a date and time when the tide is enough high :  https://www.miyajima.or.jp/sio/sio01.php

Note that you can approach the Otorii by kayak even when the tide is less than 260 cm. If the tide is less than 100 cm, you can walk to the Otorii area.

Nature Exploration Course

We will tour the quiet coast of Miyajima, where you can see many small islands, oyster rafts, and natural birds. If the weather condition is good, you can go to an uninhabited island by kayak. In the summer and fall, you can swim a small, deserted beach.

The World Heritage Course is wonderful, but it can also be seen by other means, such as boating or walking.The Nature Exploration Course is the only course that allows you to see the backside of Miyajima, where 99% of tourists do not go. Even on the way to the starting point by car, you may see deer, raccoons, badgers, and other cute animals. Sometimes we also visit a small farm on Miyajima after the tour.

We strongly recommend this course for those who want to experience something different and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2~3 hours ¥9,900 (including Tax)

(1)Departure (meeting point near the Miyajima ferry terminal)

‥‥Transfer to the beach (5~15 min.)


‥‥Warm up & on-land briefing (10~20 min.)

‥‥On-water briefing (15~30 min.)

‥‥On-water tour (60~120 min.)


‥‥Transfer to the pier (5~15 min.)

※We will take you to a bath facility if requested (separate charge).

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