Miyajima Kayak

Miyajima Kayak Tour List

We offer a range of kayak tours from half-day excursions to full-day adventures. For those seeking exclusivity, inquire about our private charter tours.

Our top recommendations include:

1. World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine Course (Half Day Tour)

Navigate by kayak and capture stunning photos as you explore the iconic torii gate—subject to tidal conditions, ensuring a unique experience each time. This route is especially popular among international visitors.

2. Hidden Miyajima Backside Exploration Course (Half Day Tour)

Discover the serene side of Miyajima, far from the usual tourist paths. Enjoy the pristine white beaches, the clear Seto Inland Sea, and the picturesque archipelago. Perfect for a peaceful summer swim and a tranquil vacation away from the crowds.

Half Day
One Day

Recommended for a day trip

Miyajima Half Day Tour

Our half-day tours offer a choice between two captivating routes: the Itsukushima Shrine Course, where you can paddle near the iconic torii gate, and the Hidden Miyajima Nature Course, which explores the island’s tranquil backside. Choose your adventure and discover the beauty of Miyajima from the water!

Time: 2~3 hours
¥9,900 (including Tax)


Take your time and relax

Miyajima One Day Tour

We will customize the tour around the Miyajima Island based on participants’ experience and requests. If you love the ocean and want to relax, a day tour will be perfect for you!


Time: 4~5 hours
¥16,500(including Tax)

Special Tour at the best point

We will take you to a beautiful destination each season. You will be able to see cherry blossoms and foliage from above the water.

Held irregularly.
¥7,000 ~(including Tax)