Miyajima Kayak


About Participating

Q. Can I attend alone?

A. Yes of course! There are many backpackers and travelers who come to Miyajima.

Q. Can we attend as a group?

A. Yes, but please contact us a week prior to the tour date if your group is more than 8 persons. We will arrange the plan according to the number and requests.

Q. Do I have to be able to swim?

A. No, you will most likely not fall into the water when kayaking, but we have personal flotation devices to help you float in case. Our guides will help you when in trouble.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Kayaking may not be recommended to those over the age of 70, but health and physical status will differ by each person so please contact us when booking.

Q. Can kids participate as well?

A. Children are able to swim similar to adults around the age of 10, but younger children may also participate when accompanied by an adult.

What to Wear / Bring

Q. Can I wear glasses/contacts during the tour?

A. Yes, as long as they do not fall into the water. If you do need glasses, we recommend putting a neckband on them.

Q. How should I dress?

A. Synthetic, water-resistant shirt and pants are recommended. Comfortable clothes you would wear for jogging will be enough. In the summer, bring a hat for the sun, and in autumn~winter bring a jacket/windbreaker.


What to wear

Q. What do I do with the valuables (wallet, phone, keys, etc.)

A. We can hold on to your belongings at our storage. If you want to take them with you, we have a waterproof bag for rent.

Q. When do I change clothes?

A. Please change before the tour and come to the meeting point dressed for the tour.

If you want to take a shower after the tour, we can take you to a bath facility (separate charge).

Pick up / Bring

Q. Where do we meet?

A. It will differ by each tour. We will contact you after booking.



Q. Do you have pickup/drop-off service?

No, we only provide the transportation from the meeting point to the tour.

About the tour

Q. Are there toilets?

A.There are public restrooms on Miyajima Island along the beach.

Q. Will I go into the water and get wet?

A. Kayaks are very stable and you will most likely not fall into the water (only your legs and bottom will get wet). However, we recommend bringing an extra change of clothes just in case.

Q. Is there insurance?

A. If you are a Japanese citizen, you will be covered by our insurance (insurance fee included in the tour fee). Insurance Company: Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company / Death and Permanent Disability: ¥10 million per person / hospitalization: ¥5,000 per day / outpatient: ¥2,000 per day

Q. Will I get motion sickness?

A. Although it is not frequent, about one in twenty people have gotten motion sickness. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking medicine beforehand, getting enough sleep, and avoiding alcohol on the day before the tour.


Q. There is rain forecast. WIll the tour be canceled?

A. Our guides will decide based on the weather and water condition, regardless of the rain. If the tour is canceled, we will contact you on the day before. Please read the details below.

Tour Policies

◯ Going
  • cloudy weather
  • light rain shower
  • low temperature
  • hot weather
  • The weather warning has been announced/may be announced
  • The wave height is over 1.5 meters
  • There is strong wind (over 6m/s at the site)
  • There is thunder and lightning
  • There is heavy rain

▼If the tour is canceled

We will call you on the day or the day before the tour. The day before (around 7 pm) : we will call you only when the tour is canceled. ※we will not contact you if the tour is on schedule. On the day (morning): we may call you if there is cancellation/change to the tour due to a change in weather.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?

▼When requested by the customer

The cancellation fee applies to the tour fee as follows (serious delay will be considered as a no-show):

3-7 days before the tour 30%
2 days before the tour 50%
1 day before the tour 70%
On the day or no-show 100%

▼When decided by the guide or for external factors

There will be no cancellation fee charged for the reasons mentioned below:
・When you are unable to arrive due to flight delay/cancellation
・Cancellation of the ferry
・When decided by the guide

Booking / Payment

Q. How do I book a tour?

A. First, please inquire us about the vacancies, and we will let you know if the tour is available. We will send you a confirmation email when the booking is finalized. ※If you book us from another website, follow the booking process of that site.

Q.How do I pay for the tour?

A. Please pay in advance through the above reservation site. For groups of 8 or more, please contact us using the form below.