We are based on Miyajima and conduct kayaking tours around Hiroshima City, Etajima, and Yamaguchi. We have three types of tours

Recommended for a day trip

Miyajima Half Day Tour

We will take you to the best view around Miyajima Island. If you want to try kayaking for the first time, or if you are visiting Miyajima on a day-trip, we recommend a half-day tour.

Time: 2~3 hours
¥7,000 (+tax)

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Take your time and relax

Miyajima One Day Tour

We will customize the tour around the Miyajima Island based on participants’ experience and requests. If you love the ocean and want to relax, a day tour will be perfect for you!

Time: 4~5 hours
¥10,000 (+tax)

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Special Tour at the best point

We will take you to a beautiful destination each season. You will be able to see cherry blossoms and foliage from above the water.

Held irregularly.
¥5,000 ~ (+ tax)

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